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You own an apartment, a condo or a house for rent in the Greater Montreal region? WE CAN ASSIST YOU.


  • Step #1: Initial meeting with the owner whose property is up for rent.
    • Presenting our service offer.
    • Evaluating the property’s rental value.
    • Detailed photography session of the property.
    • Completing a full description of property.
    • HD digital photo session.
    • Signing the service agreement.
  • Step #2 : Marketing your property
    • Placing a real estate sign (if possible).
    • Publicizing your property on several websites on a weekly basis until the property is rented.
    • Introducing your property within our network of contacts : relocation agencies and companies (corporate clients) .
    • Organizing the visits of the property.
    • Negotiating with interested clients or potential tenants.
  • Step #3 : Rental transaction
    • Credit and reference check on potential tenants (semi and non-furnished rental unit).
    • Presenting the credit and reference check results to the owner(s).
    • Preparing the lease or rental contract.
    • Follow-up with clients.


We offer basic real estate management services to any owner who requires assistance in managing their property.
    • We are a useful resource in cases of problems with property and its inclusions.
    • Lease deposits.
    • Organizing entries and exits of the tenants.
    • Property inspection following a tenant’s departure.
    • Supervising property cleanings between rentals.

      ** All expenses made will need to be re-imbursed by the owner.


  • You want to invest in a rental property? We can provide advice on the types of apartments and properties for rent.
  • We can estimate your property’s market rental value.
  • We can determine your projected real estate investment’s profitability and return on investment.
  • We have been trained to determine the return investment, the return on capital, and the return on increase on value.

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